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Maroole is a forum of discussion in which Oromos engage in civil discourse, foster collaboration in development of idea and converting them to concrete actions that benefit our society and other stakeholders that live among us. We also discuss issues that impact our society and exchange ideas on how to handle them. Idea is the foundation of a society and its survival for the years to come. Anyone interested in civil discourse and would like to contribute in a positive manner is welcome here. This is a place for critical thinking of all types, facts are separated from fictions, people discuss on how to respond to challenges and lead to concrete actions.
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  • Who is it for?
    Maroole primarily targets Oromo audience and the topics discussed also cover the Oromo people in various categories such as: analysis, news, raw data gathering, history, culture and art.

  • What can they find here?
    Readers find articles worthy of keeping for generations to come with important topics of our time that impact their days, learn from our experiences and challenges.

  • Why should they come here?
    Readers should come here to engage in a civilized discourse in which the audience is also the moderator of unwelcome behaviors by voting down articles that should not be given coverage. It will be a discourse that empowers the community.

  • Where can they read more (links, resources, etc)?

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