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February 14, 2018

Political prisoners released

  1. Diribe Itana, she was on death row.
  2. Olbaana Leelisa (has been in prison for 7 years)
  3. Eskindir Nega, a well known journalist
  4. Artist Seena Solomon
  5. Qananii Taamiruu
  6. Andualem Arage
  7. Ustaz Ahmedin Jabal
  8. Artist Elias Kiflu
  9. Chaltu Takkele
  10. Emawayish Alemu

The Day in Pictures


February 13, 2018

  • Second day of market boycott (#LagannaGabaa) continued.
  • Bekele Gerba and his six colleagues have been freed from Qilinxo prison.
  • Complete list of people released are: Bekele Gerba, Gurmessa Ayana, Addisu Bulala, Dejene Tafa, Getu Garuma, Tesfaye Liben and Beyene Ruda.
  • Meantime, protest in Bishooftu looks as follows, Protest in Bishooftu (aka Debrezeit home of the Air Force)
  • It looks like the market boycott is being called off to welcome the released political prisoners.
  • Photo of released prisoners with a message “Lafti Keenya Lafee Keenya!”. This is a clear statement that the main cause of the protests and all the arrests that followed is to stop the land grab in Oromia and all over Ethiopia.

Bekele Gerba et al: First press release thanking all who worked for their release

Reception of Bekele Gerba in Adaama

Transcript of Press Release by Gurmeessa Ayyaanoo, Youth League Leader, Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC)

"I am very grateful to the Oromo people who died to free us from jail. I have learned that there is no limit to what organized people can achieve.

This is one success; the rest will come another day. Our people have shown how far they can go when they work together.

I am grateful to the Almighty Waaqa for the realization of power in the hands of our people. To our people who sacrificed a lot while they themselves have been in tough condition, I thank you for your work to free us from jail.

The very fact that we are able to bring up the Qeerroo (the youth) who have been our hope shows how much our struggle has matured. The youth have shown responsiblity in taking the struggle forward. I am very happy for the level of maturity our struggle has shown."

~Gurmeessa Ayyaano, Leader of the Youth League, Oromo Federalist Congress
#GurmessaAyano #OromoFederalistCongress #OFC #Qeerroo

Transcript of Press Release in Afaan Oromoo per Milkii Addunyyaa

“Uummanni Oromoo ofii du’ee nu jiraachisee mana hiidhaa irraa nu baasee baayyeen galateeffadha.

Uummanni gamtoomee eessayyuu gahu akka danda’u barreera.

Inni kuniis waan tokko, inni biraas gaaf tokko.

Uummanni keenya yoo wal ta’ee iddo gahu danda’u agarsifneerra.

Humni Uummata keenya harka argamuu isaatti waaqa nan galateeffadha.

Saba koo ofii isaatif miidhamee nuhii miidhaa keessaa nu baase baayyeen galateeffadha.

Qeerroo abdii nu ta’eefii gara fuldurraattis abdii nu ta’u danda’u horrachuu keenyafii qabsoon keenya hammam akka bilchaate kan argisisudha waan ta’eef gammachu guddaatu natti dhagahaama.”

Obbo Gurmeessaa Ayyaanoo
#GurmessaAyano #OFC #Oromo #Ethiopia #Africa

Message from US Ambassador, Mike

Hi Everyone, we have a message for you from Ambassador Mike in light of events over the past several weeks:

The United States has long advocated for increasing the pace of democratic reform, respect for human rights, and creating space for inclusive dialogue because we believe these are important for Ethiopia’s long term success. Shared goals such as broad-based economic growth, lasting stability, and regional peace need the full capacity of the Ethiopian people behind them if they are to be achieved.

In recent weeks, we have seen some promising steps in these directions, but also some reminders of the challenges that remain. One thing I’ve observed during my four-plus months here is that matters are rarely as clear-cut as anyone would like them to be. My goal is for our Embassy to play a constructive role in Ethiopia, one that supports the aspirations of those who seek a better future, without dictating what that future should be or how Ethiopia should get there. But there are certain principles that we stand for, and in light of recent events I want to reiterate those now.

People need to be free to express themselves peacefully, and to be confident that they can do so. Lethal force to protect the safety of the public, even in the face of violent protests, must always be a last resort. At the same time, people need to demonstrate their commitment to peaceful expression and dialogue. Political engagement needs to be done constructively – through strengthening institutions rather than destroying them, and never through the destruction of property, livelihoods, and lives. When laws are broken, there need to be consequences, but accountability should come through legal mechanisms and constitutional processes.

I am upset by the reports of deaths and violence, even as I am hopeful about what Ethiopia can accomplish if stated goals of reform are followed through with quick and comprehensive action. As we seek to partner with all Ethiopians toward that better future, everyone must do their part. The United States will stay the course in Ethiopia, and I hope I can count on each of you to do the same.

Ambassador Mike
Source: Ambassador Mike calls for a stop to violence in Ethiopia

February 12, 2018

  • First day of market boycott protest by staying away from markets and work places (#LagannaaGabaa) called by Qeerro of Oromia and Fanno of Amhara regions.
  • Demands of the protest were: unconditional release of all political prisoners including Bekele Gerba, Dejene Xaafa, Addisu Bulala, Yonatan Tesfaye, Dabbasa Guyyoo, Eskindir Negga, Andargachew Tsige, etc. They also demanded the removal of the armed forces from cities as it is murdering civilians without any cause or accountability for over three years now.
  • While many Qeerro in Oromia cities surrounding Finfinne and far off participated, Amhara region did not participate in a noticeable manner.

February 11, 2018

13 individuals were murdered by Ethiopian security forces (Agazi) in #Hammareessa, East Oromia Hararge Zone.

Below is the list of names #HammaressaMassacre

Maqaa Wereegamtoota #HAMMAREESSA

Maqoota ilmaan Oromoo Guyyaa Kaleessa Mootummaan Woyyaane Kaampi Hammareessat Galaafate nu dhaqabaniiru

1 / Suleeyman Abdullahi
2 / Bayyan Ahmeed
3 / Abdulqaadir
4 / Bilaal Suufiyaan
5 / Yuusuf Huseen
6 / Siraaj Abdallah
7 / Muhaammed Yuusuf Umar
8 / B edrii Qaasim
9 / Abdii Muhhamad Ahmed
10 / Bahrudiin Abbas
11 / Abdusalaam Muusa
12 / Jahwaara Hassan ( Shamaree )
13 / Ramadaan Mohhammed

Rabbiin Qubtumma isaani Janata Olaantu Nuuf Haa Taasisuu !!!

Firaa fiixa maraaf obsaaf jajabina Hawwina !!!

Discussion on Hammaressa Massacre: OMN