February 14, 2018 - Today in Ethiopia



February 14, 2018

Political prisoners released

  1. Diribe Itana, she was on death row.
  2. Olbaana Leelisa (has been in prison for 7 years)
  3. Eskindir Nega, a well known journalist
  4. Artist Seena Solomon
  5. Qananii Taamiruu
  6. Andualem Arage
  7. Ustaz Ahmedin Jabal
  8. Artist Elias Kiflu
  9. Chaltu Takkele
  10. Emawayish Alemu

The Day in Pictures


Letter from Eskindir Nega (per BefeQadu)

Reception of Bekele Gerba at Adaama Stadium

The day in the media

Mass protests force Ethiopia to free opposition leader

Bekele Gerba and seven other political figures suddenly cleared of charges and let out of jail after being arrested in 2015 ( The Guardian )

Atlantic Council: Ethiopia: End Game?

Ethiopia frees Muslim leaders, journalists and political prisoners in renewed push for reforms

Ustaaz Ahmaddiin Jabal, Obbo Tamaam Abba Bulguu fi Obbo Olbaanaa Leellisaa Maal Jedhu?

አቶ በቀለ ገርባ ለሠላማዊ የሥልጣን ሽግግር እታገላለሁ አሉ (Reporter)