Debunking the myth of “Abiy is Oromo and he is a PM, so Oromos are in Power. Oromos must stop any struggle!”



Debunking the myth of “Abiy is Oromo and he is a PM, so Oromos are in Power. Oromos must stop any struggle!”

It’s true that Abiy is an Oromo who came to be a prime minister on the blood of Oromos who struggled for many years to stop land grab, lack of basic human rights in Ethiopia that exposed them to arrest, exile and murder in the TPLF era. The misery of Oromos did not start with TPLF; it has continued for over 130 years now. Abiy is an Oromo and he is now a PM. Our struggle to put him there is not to simply put him there. It’s for fair and just policies that address the injustice of the past from continuing to the future.

To say, “PM Abiy is Oromo, so Oromos are in power & they should stop their struggle!” is a reductive argument which is to say Oromos don’t care about policies. Oromos have diverse political persuasions and not all are cut from the same clothes as this reductive argument implies. We have folks like Abiy who are Nafxanya huggers struggling to maintain a mono cultural Amhara supremacist Ethiopia whole the the likes of #HaacaaluuHundeessaa and myself stand for justice, equality and democracy, for multinational Ethiopia.

Oromos struggled to stop land grab, arrest, murder and fair policies. Oromos struggles for democratic values such as free and fair elections, and self governance.

We didn’t struggle for a one man rule by an Oromo like Abiy who is consumed by his political career advancement and love of one Ethiopia in which only the Amhara Orthodox Christian stands above everyone and others have to be decimated.

Oromos are not jealous of his premiership either as he said it in a manner showing his darkside. We did not struggle for continuation of tools of corruptions going in the name of mega projects and development that are used to reward supporters financially.

We struggled for justice, equality, free and fair elections, to stop genocide run in the name of development and land grab. #HaacaaluuHundeessaa is murdered for speaking against the bad policies of Abiy Ahmed on the media. His blood remains in the hands of Abiy Ahmed and his neo-Nafxanya supporters who rob the country with impunity, arrest and murder anyone standing in their way.

Haacaaluu Hundeessaa in his last interview before he was assassinated has said, “The life of Oromos is valued least since the coming of Abiy Ahmed.” He was right, in less than a week, he was murdered, denied proper funeral services and burial, his uncle murdered at his funeral service, his cousin shot. Media and internet shut down, opposition parties and known Oromos arrested (400+ murdered and 4000+ arrested). Over 100 homes of Oromo farmers have been burnt by Abiy troops in just one county alone in Salale, North central Oromia. Elderly parents murdered for the choices of their adult sons. Many murdered and thrown to jungle for their body to be eaten by wild beasts. All this happened since the coming to power of Abiy.

Do all these show that the Oromos are in power? Hell no! Absolutely, positively not. It’s in fact the time to marshal for an all out revolution. It’s not time to even think of power but a moment of survival as human being.

Just like Haacaaluu Hundeessa asked, “Jirtuu?”, now is time for us to ask ourselves “Do you exist?” Time to answer that question of Haacaaluu.

#AbiyMustGO #OromoProtests #FreeBekeleGerba #FreeJawarMohammed #Justice4Haacaaluu #FreeEyasped #FreeGirmaGutema